Here are a few reasons why giving on this Tuesday (Giving Tuesday) will make you feel better than you did yesterday (Cyber Monday) or last Friday (Black Friday).


1- For starters, it’s healthier because you get to sleep in, even though giving back to those you love or your favorite charity can’t wait as long as your new chia pet (Don’t shake your head. You really did set an alarm for that).


2- You don’t have to spend a dime. Instead, you can give a bit of your time, your creativity, your love. On the other hand, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are like bombs over bank accounts. (thank you for the alliteration Outcast!)


3- Less (stuff) means more (you). I was once told “what you own, owns you.” Fewer possessions means freedom, agility, honesty to be frank with your boss, and generally doing whatever you want. Instead, an “always acquiring,” consumer mentality, will only get you on Hoarders. (here is a great article on it)


4- It’s a cool thing to do. Your mom will be cool for giving. Your friends (and the Joneses) will think you’re cool too. But note, the Joneses will never be fond of your Black Friday Bentley.

5- It feels good. I warn you in case you are trying to avoid it. You might get a severe case of the warm, fuzzy and tingly in your chest. Especially when you see the look in the other’s face or the good your gift is doing in the world. Taking (spending), after the initial high, will probably make you feel like crap. That, after you relax from the Black Friday battery from that Walmart lady aiming for the same toaster.

6- You’re on Karma’s good side. Giving back is like a boomerang that comes back to bless you in ways you probably cannot imagine.

7- It’s inspiring. To all of us around you, sitting on the couch, waiting for a leader to rise up and do something.