About Us

Our Mission

Rise2Shine alleviates the suffering of young children aged six months to five years from impoverished communities worldwide through the provision of quality childcare services which focus on tackling malnutrition, illiteracy, poor basic healthcare and local unemployment.

Our Manifesto


. . . in inclusion. We are part of this charity, but we don’t own it. It is the charity of all the little hands we help and all the big hands that make help happen, including yours, right now, caring enough to read this Manifesto. We are part of something huge, and frankly, can’t do it alone. So, all hands on deck; big and little.

. . . in diversity. We are all different. Yet, what we want is the same. We came together from different countries, cultures, and careers because looking into the eyes of a starving child did something to us. It brought clarity to our life, redefined what matters and made us rise-up and fight back. Give us a team big and diverse enough, and we will change the world.

. . . in helping the poorest. Our model is simple: go into the poorest of countries, select the poorest of children and give them a chance at life. So, we went into post-quake Haiti and set-up a school. Then scouting the homeless, picked the 50 most malnourished toddlers and gave them three meals a day, medical help, and an education.

. . . in proof and transparency. We didn’t like it when we couldn’t see where our money was going; when charities stayed “non-profit” by making CEOs wealthy; when we could not find absolute transparency. So we created it. A charity where (1) none of the board members and company directors are paid; (2) that shows proof of its financial statements and (3) IRS returns; (4) and that people were not afraid to donate for fear money would go into the wrong pocket.

. . . small is big. Like the kids we help, we are small. But we like it, because it makes us lean, agile, and able to deliver big blows to child mortality, starvation, illiteracy, and women aids, rape, and joblessness.

. . . ordinary people can do extraordinary things. We are not retired billionaires. We are ordinary, busy professionals with bills to pay who got tired of the material status quo and decided to reinvent it by getting together and doing a little more. So we chose the poorest country in our hemisphere, set up a school and started feeding and teaching hungry kids.

. . . in bringing the best pound for pound change. Our impact goes further because we: (1) give our six figure salary skills by working pro-bono; (2) feed and educate the poorest of children, contributing to the future; (3) support their ecosystem by providing medical help for their mothers; (4) engage our first world community by providing an outlet for ordinary people to do extraordinary things and redefine meaning in their lives.

. . . giving back now is ten times the man of hoping for later. Remember when you thought you would give back once you got rich? Or help others, but after your life became perfect? Well, we thought the same . . . and we were wrong. Child hunger can’t wait until “we’ve made it.” Life is never perfect and conditions are never ripe for action, but the time to give back is today, every day. The new BMW, Facebook, or the medium latte can wait.