The Marathon des Sables: 156 Miles across the Sahara Desert

THANK YOU. It’s been a few days since I’ve been back now and yet I still can’t believe I ran 156 miles of the Sahara desert when 11 months ago I could only run 5 miles.   Seeing my wife and son again filled me with joy that I simply do not have the words…

From Rise2Shine, Inc., Happy 2014!!!

Happy 2014!!! See why taking this pledge changed our life (and will change yours too). Credits: Artwork – Zlata Kolomoyskaya | Copy: Orgesi Pandeli.  

7 Reasons Why Giving Tuesday Is Better for You Than BlackFriday (or Cyber Monday)

Here are a few reasons why giving on this Tuesday (Giving Tuesday) will make you feel better than you did yesterday (Cyber Monday) or last Friday (Black Friday).   1- For starters, it’s healthier because you get to sleep in, even though giving back to those you love or your favorite charity can’t wait as…


Two years ago today, in Haiti, on 11/11/11 @ 11AM (date & time not planned by the way), Rise2shine opened its doors for the first time. What started in a small rented house with 20 very malnourished children, grew to a brand new school with, feeding and educating 50 of the poorest of the poor….