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There are several ways to stay up to date on what’s happening with Rise2Shine. Sign up for our newsletter and like our facebook page to stay up to date on how our children are progressing, hear stories that highlight the power of the human spirit and, of course, receive information that will keep you connected with any events or milestones we achieve. And of course, keep coming back to read the latest on our blog.

Become a Monthly Member

Monthly giving provides us with a steady stream of contributions so we can provide nutritious meals, provide health care, and fund teacher salaries.

    • $60 covers all of a student’s cost for the entire month.
    • $20 per month funds the cost of food for one student.
    • $10 per month covers medical checkups for students.


*All Donations are Tax-Deductible

Give Food, Education and Medication


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Start a Fundraiser

Launching a fundraising campaign can be a fun way to mobilize your network to support our work. You can help provide high-quality childcare to children in Haiti by organizing your own event. Whether you plan to hold a bake sale, run a marathon, have a bar or bat mitzvah, or get your friends/colleagues to give up their afternoon snack, we’ll help you organize your campaign to make it a success.

Support Our Work

Annual and one-time donations help ensure that we are able to continue to provide world-class services to children in Haiti.

    • Here are some of our recurring costs:

    • • $2000 funds the salary of a teacher for an entire year
    • • $600 funds a month of school, food, and medicine for 10 students.
    • • $360 funds a year of food for one of our students
    • • $100 funds the entire year’s school supplies for 2 students.
  • • $40 funds a month of internet to link our teachers to our education and medical experts in the US

If you are interested in making a donation of $1000 or more we can also discuss some of the current areas of greatest need. Please contact us at


Do you want to learn more about Rise2Shine and the young lives we are transforming in Haiti? One of the best ways to support us is to join us for one of our events.

Get Your Company Involved

Your company, foundation, or organization can invest directly in Rise2Shine, either through a general donation or by funding a specific aspect of our model. Did you know that most companies will match your donation – some will even double match it. Ask your Human Resources department or contact us to learn more.

Corporations that sell products aligned with READ’s mission and values can donate a percentage of product revenues to READ Global. This can benefit the corporation’s public relations, increase sales and bolster brand loyalty. We ask that a commercial co-venture agreement be signed in advance.
For more information on getting your company involved, contact

Donate Your Miles

We are happy to accept donations of frequent flyer miles. By donating frequent flyer miles to Rise2Shine, you will help lower our overhead costs when our team travels to Haiti. For more information or to pledge frequent flyer miles, please email