We seek to impact the local community by ensuring that children are school ready – both in terms of health and education. We select children who are at high risk of hunger and malnourishment due to their families’ poverty. More than 90% of our pupils live in households in which their mother or a female relative is the sole earner of income.

1. Outstanding Childcare & Education

  • 8 hours of early childcare education per day, meeting the standards of instruction and care provided in the top 5% of American preschools.
  • Globally recognized “five-star” childcare, as standardized by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.
  • A renowm curriculum from Mother Goose Times that has been researched, developed, tested, and refined over 20+ years, and translated into Haitian Creole.
  • Successful graduates of Rise2Shine are guaranteed primary school enrollment through a scholarship program.

2. High Quality Health & Nutrition

  • 3 nutrious meals per school day according to U.S. nutritional guidelines.
  • Regular access to a healthcare facility.
  • Frequent health monitoring to ensure their progress toward normal health outcomes and treatment when needed.

3. Parental Support

  • Outside normal hours, the facility serves as a training center for mandatory parenting classes on topics such as child health and safety.
  • We provide a weekly bag of rice and other nutritional supplies so that parents can feed their children at home too.